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Paper: Digital Image Classification for Malaysian Blooming Flower

This paper has an impressive related work section.  It describes work done in image processing related to segmentation and Neural Networks.  From the context I believe that the paper only tries to detect one type of flower (The title also … Continue reading

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Paper: A visual Vocabulary for Flower Classification

The idea behind this paper is to try to classify objects based on more than one differentiating feature.  The ones they used where colour, shape and texture.  Each feature follows a different process but all end up being vectors.  At … Continue reading

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Paper: Automated flower classification over a large number of classes

The problem tackled by this paper is how a combination of features can improve classification on datasets of similar classes.  The work with a flower data set that has large between class similarity and small within class similarity. Before they use the features they … Continue reading

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Paper: Delving into the Whorl of flower segmentation

A lot of the assumptions in this paper make me feel that this is not the direction where we should be headed. They assume that all the pictures they analyse contain a flower.  For them someone has already classified the pictures as … Continue reading

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Buds as initial flower locators.

I had a series of pictures of some flower species that I bought in the shop. I obtained a series of pictures by programming an android phone to take a picture every hour.  After the plant had died, I annotated all the … Continue reading

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Annotations: Things to improve

Took a closer look at things that need to be improved in the annotation process.  Spent the day extracting specific examples of what went wrong and how to solve/avoid it.  Here are my findings: Improve the annotations themselves The nature … Continue reading

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Expected non-exciting initial results…

I ran Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on the hog features that I calculating (Using Navneet Dalal’s code) and the result was not spectacular.  I plotted the result and color coded the types of flowers (bud:red, female:green, unknownSex:blue, hair:cyan, male:magenta).  The … Continue reading

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git: another way of doing submodules.

Git keeps giving us more.  Today I found out another way of doing submoduling.  It’s kinda strange and probably a bit harder than using submodules (But that might be because I’m not used to it yet).  But it adds to … Continue reading

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Navneet Dalal’s HOG Descriptors

After fighting a bit with the code, I got it to compile.  The following is a list of the things I did: There were a lot of additional files in the src tree.  These files are automatically created by Autotools. … Continue reading

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About HOG transform in opencv2.2

This post could also be titled: “Why I’ve decided not to use the HOGDescriptors from opencv”.  There are three main reasons why I chose not to use the provided HOG functionality in Opencv: What is in Opencv is not only … Continue reading

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