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Image Recognition and Machine Learning are Cool/Scary :)

Check this link out. Cool because emotions (smile == happy), age, identity and lots more can now all be gathered automatically but its scary because emotions, age, identity and lots more can all be gathered automatically. Check out the Smart Me Up company web … Continue reading


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Pan, Zoom with Qt

This is a followup post for my previous pan/zoom post. It is so difficult to find a proper widget that implements Zoom with mouse wheel and pan with CTRL+LeftClick. IMO, it is something that is necessary when viewing an image. … Continue reading

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Sound from image

What will they think of next? This awesome MIT project recovers sound from a high-speed video feed. It’s awesome, scary and interesting all at the same time :)  

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Awesome Segmentation for Arabidopsis Thaliana

In the past months I have been working with a project which has the purpose of addressing high throughput phenotyping. We recently had a very successful test that I want to share as a video. What we are trying to … Continue reading

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