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Curious rounding in R

Sometimes R has a misleading way of displaying values.  Check out this series of commands: > 1111+.5 [1] 1111.5 > 11111+.5 [1] 11111.5 > 111111+.5 [1] 111111.5 > 1111111+.5 [1] 1111112 > 11111111+.5 [1] 11111112 At first I thought that … Continue reading


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Adjusting point size in R plots.

The trick here is to manage the pch and cex arguments in the plot function.  You can look at more information on these arguments in ?plot, ?par and ?points in the R environment (search for cex and pch).  In general … Continue reading

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How to output an eps figure in R

If you are executing a plot command in a R script it should default to generating a pdf document with your plot.  This is really cool because you don’t really have to think about how to show what you have … Continue reading

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About opencv cornerSubPix

There were some issues with some of the classification tests I ran on the chessboard pictures from last week (you can find pictures here).  The ones that were taken from a distance of a couple of meters or less, classified … Continue reading

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