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Paper: Reducing Power Consumption of Image Transmission over IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Network

Topic of interest: Energy consumption of image transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks. Approach: “Power reduction while transmitting images in WSN over IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee by disabling MAC acks”.  Some additional control messages needed to be implemented in the application layer. year: … Continue reading

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Dagstuhl 2010, Conet summer school

I spent this week in the Conet 2010 summer school in Dagstuhl.  I beautiful place in the german mid-west.  The first days were a bit rainy, but the weather got better at the end.  This place is like the computer … Continue reading

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Calculate the scaling factor

A couple of days ago I was worried because I did not know how to calculate the scaling factor for my opencv project.  Today I realized that I is easier than I first thought. Lets go over what I am … Continue reading

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Compiling in the Intel many core system

I copied the srpm that I had created in my system to the Intel many core system.  I then ran `rpmbuild -ba shore-storage-manager` and after a little tweak managed to get the package built in the intel machine.  The little … Continue reading

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Packaging shore storage manager Beta 6.1.0

This will be list of issues that I found while creating the shore-storage-manager-devel package.  Everything that I talk about could be found in the srpm at [1].  That srpm was built in my system and it contains all the patches … Continue reading

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Image adjust with opencv

I was surprised when it actually did what I thought it was going to do :).  Surprised and filled with excitement.  I’m talking about my image adjust command.  Today was the first time it took a video feed (AVI file) … Continue reading

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Opencv 2.1.0 for fedora13

After some frustrating hours of debugging I found out that my code was not being able to read the AVI file because I was using a opencv built without the gstreamer-devel package (among others).  It was a bit of a … Continue reading

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Convert 3gp to AVI

Took some video with my phone (HTC hero) and it ended up being encoded in 3gp.  When I went to use it with my opencv code: BUM!!!! it exploded.  So I chose to change from 3gp to AVI, which I … Continue reading

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Fiddling with shore-storage-manager-beta-6.0.1

Among the things I’m doing ATM I have been meddling with shore-storage-manager[1].  I took the tar.bz2 file and ran ./bootstrap  ; ./configure ; make ; make check. Some test script strangeness. After running the last command in that list I … Continue reading

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