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Share a git repository

I am involved in a project that decided to use git to share/keep-track of the generated source code. Our research group has a common server that has git installed. I was under the impression that we could just put a … Continue reading

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Masters Document Prezi presentation

Here is my Masters Thesis presentation :) To embed it into WordPress I used this link. I now need to figure out how to add voice recordings to the whole presentation. It would be cool that people could just click … Continue reading

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Publishing google earth tour

I recently finished making link budget analysis for Abisko and Zackenberg. This was done for a PhD Wireless Sensor Network class that I am attending. After having a very interesting discussion in class about the wireless link budgets in both … Continue reading

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Wireless Link Calculations: Radio Mobile

Am taking a PhD course at ITU about Wireless Sensor Networks. Our first assignment is related to finding a link budget for two sites of interest: Zackenberg and Abisko. In Zackenberg we tackle a 21 Kilometer link between two points separated … Continue reading

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