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Image labeling is taking shape.

After discovering that the accuracy of the chessboard detection is increased by adding a black frame around the chessboard, I went on to create a python library based on what I already had.  I created a python/C++ interface and some … Continue reading

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Paper: Fault Tolerance in Autonomous Systems: How and How Much?

Possible research for fault tolerance and robustness in autonomous systems: Agent based architecture: Though a three tier architecture is predominant in autonomous embedded systems, the agent approach could work because of 1.Avoiding semantic mismatch given that all agents have the … Continue reading

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Chessboard format

It’s reasonable to describe the chessboard format.  It’s relevant because not all chessboard dimensions are valid,  The current implementation only detects 6 colors and there needs to be a black margin around the chessboard (among other reasons). Chessboard dimensions: We … Continue reading

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Unexpected solution to a detection problem

Before leaving for vacations I was fighting a very curious issue with my chessboard detection algorithm.  All my tests were done with pictures of chessboards that occupied most of the image.  The tests where very positive even for outside picture … Continue reading

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Back from paradise.

Today is my first day in the office since my long Colombian holidays.  I need not stress how awesome it was to go back to my home town and share experiences with my past :)  Today (besides trying to overcome … Continue reading

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