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Remember cmucam

The resulting pictures from the cmucameras where of very poor resolution.  The colors were not very stable and we couldn’t make out any shapes.  The next step with the cmucam is to increase the resolution in hope that it will … Continue reading

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Markers are probably best placed in the middle of the plot.

This post is about the pictures I received from Greenland.  I put them through the image normalization algorithm (That uses homography to corerct things) and the results were a little disappointing :(.  There are two aspects of the transformed images that … Continue reading

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Making sense of my software.

Today I needed a functionality that I was sure that I had already coded.  Given that I have a bunch of active projects in different places in a semi-active status, I got a little confused and it took me some … Continue reading

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The auto adjust exposure from ufraw.

The pictures I receive from the biologists are in raw format.  This is good as it allows for tweaking before you put the picture in a more friendly format like jpeg or png.  I’ve been using a really cool tool … Continue reading

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Image segmentation based on pixel color: update.

I have continued to play with this and have increased the quality of my results.  I have done some changes to the initial processing and I still need to experiment with lots of possibilities. Color space.  I stuck with the … Continue reading

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