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The pictures are here!!!

A couple of weeks ago I received a zip file that contained pictures taken in the arctic.  They were very neatly organized in dated folders.  I received pictures from two cameras.  One of them was intended to test a special … Continue reading

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The convert command. Nice!

I’ve actually used this command before but today I was pleasantly surprised.  I had used it in the past to change from one image format to another.  It’s actually very straight forward and it helps a bunch when you just … Continue reading

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Back of the envelope: Remember! There is a compiler.

Thx to my adviser I realized that there is a compiler translating the stuff that I code.  This becomes extremely relative when you are trying to time certain things.  Is the compiler really translating the code that I write to … Continue reading

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gmail: filter attachment names and auto responses

Searching for a way to better the current way of receiving assignments (We should probably be using something like egroupware for universities, one can dream) I stumbled upon some nifty tricks to make life that much easier. The issue came … Continue reading

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Back of the envelope.

Was reading Jon Bentley Programming Perls (second edition) [1] and  I don’t feel particularly good confessing that I had not read this book before.  It has lots of really nice programming tidbits that can be very helpful in the day-2-day.  … Continue reading

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Image adjust, Its working!!!

Finally got a working command out of my opencv experiment.  I still need to work on some additional aspects.  but the overall src is already finished.  I ended up with 3 major states for the command: video_demo:  This state shows … Continue reading

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