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The average of an angle… (mean of Hue Value)

My solution to this issue was to write a bunch of code to handle the behavior of the average calculation at the 0 and 360 points. It was a pain in the neck, and I probably have it wrong :(. … Continue reading

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Homography Aided Plot Based Phenology Measurements

Before going home yesterday I left a process running that had the latest version of the homography algorithm.  The new trial included multiple markers and changing the way of calculating the image transformation.  When I arrived this morning, I found … Continue reading

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About HOG transform in opencv2.2

This post could also be titled: “Why I’ve decided not to use the HOGDescriptors from opencv”.  There are three main reasons why I chose not to use the provided HOG functionality in Opencv: What is in Opencv is not only … Continue reading

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opencv add padding

I was surprised that this function was so difficult to find.  I googled with the title of this post and did not find any real solution to what I was looking for.  I just want to add some pixels of … Continue reading

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About opencv cornerSubPix

There were some issues with some of the classification tests I ran on the chessboard pictures from last week (you can find pictures here).  The ones that were taken from a distance of a couple of meters or less, classified … Continue reading

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Image labeling is taking shape.

After discovering that the accuracy of the chessboard detection is increased by adding a black frame around the chessboard, I went on to create a python library based on what I already had.  I created a python/C++ interface and some … Continue reading

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Chessboard format

It’s reasonable to describe the chessboard format.  It’s relevant because not all chessboard dimensions are valid,  The current implementation only detects 6 colors and there needs to be a black margin around the chessboard (among other reasons). Chessboard dimensions: We … Continue reading

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