Project: Annotations

When I begun to work with image processing I saw a need to annotate the images that we were working with.  Therefore I searched the web for something that could help me do just that.  I found several annotation algorithms, but none worked for me.  I chose the best one I found and started from there.  I ended up with a system that can do pretty cool stuff.  It’s still a diamond in the rough, meaning that configuring it should be a pain.  Some stuff works for Windows and Linux and other stuff is very Linux specific.  In this page I will try to describe what it does and what are its features.

The program basically draws named squares on images and saves the information on text files.  It does not modify the image in any way.  The end result is an images with a bunch of squares that have names on top.  The named squares are called annotations.  The program allows for correction and resizing of annotations.  It’s also good for keeping track of who touched the annotation last and in what date.  All this can be done locally (having a bunch of images in your computer and annotating them) or remotely (having the images in a remote server and annotating them).

I chose to work with Matlab on this project because the program that I used as a  base was originally in Matlab.  It could be a pain, because not everyone has access to Matlab, but it made life easier when handling the images (zoom in/out and grab was trivial).  Matlab is also nice because it’s cross-platform.  so most features should work whenever Matlab works.  I confess that I have done a very poor job at explaining how to configure/install it.  Just drop me a mail and I’ll be glad to help you out.

For more information on the project go to the source at github:

You can get a pretty good picture of the state of the project by reading


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