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Image segmentation based on pixel color looks promising

Finally some expected results!!! Past Week(s): After consulting with some very talented computer vision professors, I decided to continue with Image segmentation based on pixel color.  The idea is to segment the image based only on the value of a … Continue reading

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Salix Arctica Albino Female

I have began to re-annotate (for the third time) the pictures from Zackenberg 2009.  This time I am replacing the rectangles with polygons so I can better annotate the flower colors. In the process I came across a peculiar type … Continue reading

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imroi: bloated Matlab commands

I was working with rbbox on my Matlab GUI application to create squares that marked important stuff inside an image.  I recently needed to move away from the rectangle based approach to a polygon based approach.  This meant not using rbbox. … Continue reading

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Paper: A Universal and Robust Human Skin Color Model Using Neural Networks

The paper is interested in classifying pixels as skin/no-skin. They use YCbCr color space for their experiments.  They analyse the behavior of this color space with respect to skin color.  The found that the Y dimension does not have a … Continue reading

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Don’t forget we are working with time series.

In the past weeks I have been looking at feature extraction methods like HOG, SIFT and SURF.  These papers have given me great insight and some ideas. While I was reading these papers, I was always thinking to myself that … Continue reading

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Better annotations -> Better PCA.

One of the issues that I identified in previous posts was that the original annotations were not of good quality.  This included annotations that were incorrect and annotations that pointed to images that did not have enough differentiating information. I … Continue reading


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