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Interesting annotation app.

One of the next steps within my Ph.D. is to create an annotation tool that can annotate a series of images. This will require capabilities like propagating annotations through time, propagating changes through time and facilitating pan/zoom actions. I recently … Continue reading

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The Flower counting algorithm lives

I recently finished a flower counting algorithm and am very happy with the results. While the test was done with an easy set of images (yellow flowers over brown ground), I wanted to celebrate an important milestone in the project with … Continue reading

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R: How to suppress package startup messages

suppressPackageStartupMessages(library(fields)) And you can still test the result of the `library` or `require` calls: a = suppressPackageStartupMessages(require(fields)) Variable ‘a’ will be TRUE if it was successful, FALSE otherwise.

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Using Matlab was a mistake.

Because it is not free. I think its awesome. Image processing, handling really large matrices, creating GUIs… It’s a very well-rounded tool and the learning curve is almost non-existent (you start doing really crazy stuff with no effort). There is … Continue reading

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Very Painful EBImage install on Windows

Short Version Follow this to install EBImage Go here to get GTK+. I used this one. Make sure you add the GTK+ “bin” directory to the path. If you have zlib1.dll problems, or any problems regarding the specific dll that is … Continue reading

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