Paper: Reducing Power Consumption of Image Transmission over IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Network

Topic of interest: Energy consumption of image transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Approach: “Power reduction while transmitting images in WSN over IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee by disabling MAC acks”.  Some additional control messages needed to be implemented in the application layer.

year: 2010


  1. They where able to calculate a a 7.6% reduction on a coordinator and end device.
  2. They also calculated 1.6% active time reduction in both coordinator and end device.


  1. I finally found the accepted name for these types of WSN -> Wireless Image Sensor Networks (WiSNs).  Seems obvious, but it’s not so much when you don’t know the term.
  2. The tests are performed indoors and at a rather close range.  A question remains of what type of interference was present in the indoor environment. Additionally I ask myself if there are other factors of interference when the WiSN is taken to the field.
  3. I wonder how much the results (throughput, BER, PER) suffer when the tests are done outdoors.
  4. This work is done to increment the efficiency of the ZigBee protocol.  I wonder if it not easier to use another protocol.



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