Convert 3gp to AVI

Took some video with my phone (HTC hero) and it ended up being encoded in 3gp.  When I went to use it with my opencv code: BUM!!!! it exploded.  So I chose to change from 3gp to AVI, which I believe opencv can handle.  Found this nifty command:

ffmpeg -i clip.3gp -f avi -vcodec xvid -acodec mp3 -ar 22050  file.avi

Since I didn’t really care for sound I shortened it to:

ffmpeg -i clip.3gp -f avi -ar 22050  file.avi

It gave me an AVI file that mplayer could read.  I’ll see if opencv can handle it.  Many thx to [1].  His post showed me how to do it.


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I'm fascinated with how technology and science impact our reality and am drawn to leverage them in order to increase the potential of human activity.
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