Simple git commit auto fill

Back in the days when I worked for RedHat I remember having a neat autocomplete git hook that filled in my git commit message. I liked the way it was formatted and I remember it being something similar to this.

* /Path/To/Changed/File0 (Method0):
* /Path/To/Changed/File1 (Method0):

Here I try to reproduce this effect by having a very simple script that uses the git diff. Here is the script:

git diff HEAD | \
grep -e '^@@.*@@.*(.' -e '^@@.*@@.*.struct.*{' -e '^diff ..git' | \ 
sed 's/^@@.*@@ /@@ /' | \
sed 'sed 's/ \(int\|double\) / /
sed 's/(./ /' | \
sed 's/^@@.*@@.*struct.*{/@@@ struct/' | uniq | \
awk -F " " '/^diff --git/{gsub(/^./,"",$3);print "#*"$3" :"} /^@@@ struct/{gsub(/{/,"", $3);print "#("$3") :"} /^@@ /{print "#("$2") :"}'

The `grep` line selects the relevant git diff lines. The `sed` lines remote the text that goes around the lines containing the “@@” string. And finally the awk line formats three types of lines: 1. the file change, 2. the method change, and 3. the struct change.

This script has some shortcomings:

  1. New methods, structs do not show up
  2. Sometimes the diff will have a method, struct name that is not actually changed.

Still I’ll make this post as a reminder to myself and a place where I can start next time I want to “give this a shot”


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I'm fascinated with how technology and science impact our reality and am drawn to leverage them in order to increase the potential of human activity.
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