Curious rounding in R

Sometimes R has a misleading way of displaying values.  Check out this series of commands:

> 1111+.5
[1] 1111.5
> 11111+.5
[1] 11111.5
> 111111+.5
[1] 111111.5
> 1111111+.5
[1] 1111112
> 11111111+.5
[1] 11111112

At first I thought that R was automatically rounding the numbers.  So the value got changed if it exceeded certain number of digits.  But in reality R know the real value; it just chooses to display it differently.  To prove this I executed this series of commands:

> a = 1111111 + .5
> a
[1] 1111112
> a == 1111111.5
[1] TRUE

Notice that the value of ‘a’ is not 1111112 but 11111111.5.  I kept on looking and found out that you can modify the way R displays the numbers.  You just need to modify the global variable digits.  This will modify the way numbers are displayed for the rest of the R session.


But notice that even though you change the digits option, you don’t change the values themselves.


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