Back from paradise.

Today is my first day in the office since my long Colombian holidays.  I need not stress how awesome it was to go back to my home town and share experiences with my past :)  Today (besides trying to overcome the jet lag) I make a “where is Joel” list.  Here is what I came up with:

  1. Python Review:  This was some code that Philippe gave me to give some feedback.  After checking my mail, I am now sure that I sent Philippe some patches with my suggestions on the matter.  I think there are things that could be reviewed further, but I chose to leave it like it was and wait for feedback from Philippe.
  2. Picture Normalization with image markers:  We still have a problem with the algorithm not wanting to detect chessboards that are small (small within the picture).  I think this is due to the opencv code.  I plan to create a patch and make the detect chessboard function in opencv work for smaller chessboards.
  3. “movement” detection based on daily pictures:  The idea is to use what is already implemented in opencv.  seems like it should at least detect places where changes occur.  After having the algorithm that detects these changes we can create one that classifies the types of changes and selects the ones that are related to specific flowers.
  4. Dependability:  Continue reading.  Take notes.  Maybe start a dependability notebook.  The objective is to relate what we are doing with DMU and WiSN with current dependability concepts to advance in WSN dependability.
  5. CMU camera:  I received a new camera circuit that is double the resolution of the previous one.  This circuit needs to be connected to the main CMU board.  To make this work, I have to change the firmware that comes with CMU so it can handle double the amount of pixels.  I have read some comments on the CMUcam wiki about this.  Though I have not found a person that has done it, it should be possible.
  6. CITRIC:  New camera module with 1.3 megapixels resolution.  The objective with this module, for now, is to make it work.  I will try to create a simple camera application so we can test the resolution.
  7. Annotated DMU Pictures:  Have already updated the annotation in  This means that, with the right permissions, one can download the pictures with the latest reviewed annotations.  Still have to find some use for the little computer.
  8. Imotes2:  I found out that Intel released a new I mote version.  I’ve been meaning to buy them, but since I have the CMUcam and CITRIC platform to play with, I have been postponing this.
  9. Class for EAFIT: While I was in my home town I spoke to my professors in my old university.  One of the mentioned that If I could create a small class/module that talks about the things I am doing at ITU, EAFIT would pay my tickets to Colombia next time.  Since the Denmark-Colombia ticket is not the cheapest thing you can get, I am seriously thinking on doing this for the end of this year.

These are the macro points that I thought of in an hour of pondering :)  Any comments are greatly appreciated :)


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I'm fascinated with how technology and science impact our reality and am drawn to leverage them in order to increase the potential of human activity.
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