New Annotation feature

After discussing the current state of the annotation software, I realized that it needed a  bit of attention.  One of the issues that we discussed, and the one that stayed in my head, was the strangeness when editing the annotations.  The issues stemmed from having to delete and recreate each annotation which needed a label change; when the most logical thing would be to just change the label (without recreating).

I tinkered a bit with the code and got it to a point where the selected annotation will change label when the label is selected from the label list.  This turns a three-step process into a 2 step process.  Though this might not seem like much, imagine that we have to annotate hundreds of images, each with about 20 annotations each.  I think that this  increases the annotation productivity considerably :)

You can see the commit that adds the feature here.


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I'm fascinated with how technology and science impact our reality and am drawn to leverage them in order to increase the potential of human activity.
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