Making sense of my software.

Today I needed a functionality that I was sure that I had already coded.  Given that I have a bunch of active projects in different places in a semi-active status, I got a little confused and it took me some time to realize which one I needed.  This post is intended to clear things up.

ImageAdjust: This was my first experiment with some camera homography.  It wanted to normalize a group of pictures taken from different 3D places into a group of pictures taken from the same 3D place and same camera orientation.  I was successful in reaching my objective, but I transferred all the functionality to a second project called imageLabel.  I need to retire all instances of this project or point to the newly created imageLabel.

ImageLabel: It began as a fork of ImageAdjust.  After adding some features and removing all the unwanted crap from ImageAdjust the result was a new project.  Things to highlight: 1.I moved to cmake, 2. I added a feature that will detect colors inside the chessboard pattern and output an id.  3. I kept the auto-correction logic from ImageAdjust. 4. I used C++’s object oriented stuff (makes the code more compact).

Annotation: Has always been the application for doing the annotations.  I have steadily been working on the codebase and am very happy with the result so far :)

crex: It is a command used to extract annotated crops from annotated images.  It puts all the cropped images in a directory and is good for pre-processing the images before doing stuff like HOG.  This I did not publish and do not intend to because all the logic is going into a new project called caflor.

crhog: Crog  came after crex and was a project that applied the HOG features to cropped images.  The workflow consisted in using crex to crop out the annotated images and then to used crhog to calculate the HOG features.  This functionality is going into a new project called caflor.  To work with crhog I am using a modified version of learcode (both are in git hub)

caflor: Is the piece of software that I am working on that intends to put together crex and crhog under the same roof.  I have not made it public yet because it’s just not finished :).  This projects should actually encompass all the software needed to make the flower detection possible.  Lets see if I can keep all the crap under the same name and in some kind of acceptable order.


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I'm fascinated with how technology and science impact our reality and am drawn to leverage them in order to increase the potential of human activity.
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