Salix Arctica Albino Female

Albino Salix Arctica

Albino Salix Arctica

I have began to re-annotate (for the third time) the pictures from Zackenberg 2009.  This time I am replacing the rectangles with polygons so I can better annotate the flower colors. In the process I came across a peculiar type of Salix Arctica female (At least I think it’s a female).

I realized that it was a bit different from the “usual” females because the color resembles a very light pink, instead of the red that I am used to.  I don’t really know if this is yet another type of female, if it’s being eaten by larvae or if it’s just dying.

Until I get some feedback from the Biologists, I’ll mark these as Low resolution pictures.  Which is the label that I use to describe everything that has a hint of strangeness.


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