Adding a printer CUPS & SAMBA

The IT University of Copenhagen has this printing system where you have a centralized server receiving all the printing requests.  I was having a hard time finding the way to configure my Fedora to talk to this server.  A colleague showed me that one can configure CUPS to talk Samba.  And coincidently, the ITU servers spoke fluent Samba.  Here is my procedure on how to configure the printing service in ITU:

Black and White printers:
1. Make sure you have CUPS installed.  Go to if in doubt.
2. Connect to your CUPS by going to http://localhost:631/
3. Administration -> AddPrinter
4. Select “Windows Printer via SAMBA” and hit “continue”.
5. Type the following in the “connection” text area:
Replace YOURUSERNAME with your itu user name
Replace YOURUSERPASSWORD with you itu password
DOMAIN is not replaced.
Note that there is a colon “:” in between the user name and the user password.
Hit “continue” after typing all this.
6. Choose a name I used “Black&White” and hit “continue”.  The description and location are not important.
7. Instead of choosing a printer you will provide a PDD file.  Search for the cnir23u1.ppd on your system and hit “add printer” and hit “continue”
8. And you are done.  Enjoy :) you should see the printer you just created when you try to print stuff from other apps like openoffice and epdfview.

Color Printers
Repeat the same steps as for the black and white printers.  But instead of “smb://YOURUSERNAME:YOURUSERPASSWORD@DOMAIN/printsrv/print” use “smb://YOURUSERNAME:YOURUSERPASSWORD@DOMAIN/printsrv/colourprint”.  Also make sure you use the correct PDD file.  The correct file is at cnrc322u1.ppd.gz.
If you have any issues email


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