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The average of an angle… (mean of Hue Value)

My solution to this issue was to write a bunch of code to handle the behavior of the average calculation at the 0 and 360 points. It was a pain in the neck, and I probably have it wrong :(. … Continue reading

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For my stay abroad I had to come to CENS at UCLA. The advances related to novel methods for collecting and analyzing ecological data is synchronized with what I have been doing for the past couple of years. I arrived … Continue reading

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Idea: Getting the color of a flower from a flower

Just wanted to jot this down before I forget it…. I have been working under the assumption that to make a “good” vision algorithm, I should first find an object that is “easy” to detect and then build additional elements … Continue reading

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Publishing google earth tour

I recently finished making link budget analysis for Abisko and Zackenberg. This was done for a PhD Wireless Sensor Network class that I am attending. After having a very interesting discussion in class about the wireless link budgets in both … Continue reading

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Wireless Link Calculations: Radio Mobile

Am taking a PhD course at ITU about Wireless Sensor Networks. Our first assignment is related to finding a link budget for two sites of interest: Zackenberg and Abisko. In Zackenberg we tackle a 21 Kilometer link between two points separated … Continue reading

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Cool and easy web-based presentations: Prezi

I had heard of Prezi from a friend a long time ago. It’s this really neat way of making presentations. It moves away from traditional methods (like Powerpoint) by emphasizing the use of “zoom” to give importance to a section. … Continue reading

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Protected: My Masters Thesis: The Layout

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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